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NEDC is an authorized distributor and converter of 3M products. 3M has many product lines, and to cover them all in the article may be overzealous. 3M offers many different types of adhesives. The main focus of this article is 3M’s VHB Specialty Tapes, Acrylic Adhesives, and Silicone Adhesives.

3M offers many different types of VHB Tapes. VHB tapes have excellent holding strength. 3M VHB Tapes all-acrylic are very helpful in applications that require damping on vibration. The ability of VHB tapes to resist stress is remarkable even under strenuous conditions. Some strenuous conditions are moisture and solvents, UV light, Temperature cycling, cold and high temperature. VHB tapes can be used in applications that require a bond of metal to metal. VHB tapes offer very good permanent bonds. The strength of the bond depends on surface preparation as well as the inherent nature of the surface itself. There are many benefits to using VHB tapes, some benefits are provided below:

  • Bonding materials that are not similar
  • Lightweight alternative to other bonding methods
  • May maintain a smooth surface in contrast with some other alternatives
  • Consistent thickness provides repeatable results
  • Provides an intermediate between metals to prevent corrosion

There are many types of 3M VHB tapes, including:

  • 3M 4952
  • 3M 4929
  • 3M 4951
  • 3M 4950

There are also many other types of VHB Tapes, for more information please visit 3M’s website.

3M also offers an extensive line of acrylic adhesive tapes. The acrylic adhesive tapes discussed here are adhesive transfer tapes with Adhesive 300. Adhesive 300 offers great adhesion to many surfaces, including low surface energy (LSE) materials, such as plastics and foam. Some of the benefits of this adhesive include chemical resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, water-resistance, and long shelf life. Any resistance must be tested in the application to ensure it meets the criteria required. The shelf life of this material is 24 months from the date of manufacture. Obviously, storage plays a large role in how long a material maintains its shelf life. Some of these transfer tapes include:

  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9472 (NEDC stocks 9472 to accommodate a need for general purpose transfer tape)
  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9674
  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9673
  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9671

In addition to offering tapes utilizing Adhesive 300, 3M also offers transfer tapes utilizing Acrylic Adhesive 200MP. 200MP offers many benefits, including up to 400F resistance (for short periods), excellent solvent resistance, and great shear strength to maintain good adhesion. As of March 2014, the shelf life of this material is 18 months from the date of shipment. This shelf life assumes good storage conditions. For more information on good storage practices, view details for specific products on 3M’s website. Any resistance must be tested in the application to ensure it meets the criteria required. Some of the tapes utilizing 200MP are:

  • 7955MP
  • 7965MP
  • 7962MP
  • 9185MP
  • 467MP
  • 468MP
  • 9668MP
  • 9667MP

3M also offers an incredible range of silicone adhesive tapes. Some of the adhesives that 3M offers, and NEDC converts, include:

  • 9731 Double Coated Tape
  • 96042 Double Coated Tape
  • 91022 Transfer Tape

Some benefits of these silicone adhesives include reliable solvent resistance, great adhesion and high heat resistance. Any resistance must be tested in the application to ensure it meets the criteria required. One great benefit of these adhesives is that these adhesives typically adhere to silicone and LSE (low surface energy) materials without priming beforehand. NEDC offers conductive silicone PSAs as well, including 9719. NEDC regularly stocks 3M 9719 to accommodate the urgent need for conductive materials with a conductive PSA. The shelf life of the three materials listed above is 12 months. 9719’s shelf life is 12 months in roll form. For more information on 3M’s products, please visit their website, www.3m.com.

In closing, NEDC can be considered your one-stop shop for all acrylic, silicone and VHB tape converting (die cutting and kiss cutting). NEDC also applies 3M’s tapes to the material before it converts, for ease of use. NEDC has many die cutting machines, and is very experienced in fabricating solutions. If you have an application that you have or would like converted (die-cut), please send sales an email at sales@nedc.com.

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