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sil-pad 400, picture

sil-pad 400, picture

When we are talking about Sil-Pad products, one of my favorites is Sil-Pad 400. Sil-Pad 400 is also known as SIL PAD TSP 900 now. It sounds weird to say, but the refined feeling of the gray silicone pressed into the fabric produces a uniform feeling across the pad that is quite satisfying. Sil-Pad 400 is the “original Sil-Pad”. Its thermally conductive silicone rubber coupled with the fiberglass reinforcement produces a unique pad. It draws on its plethora of unique properties to make it one of the most versatile pads in the portfolio. 


It would be best to start with the thermal properties because, well- thats where everyone looks to start.

-Thermal Conductivity of 0.9 W/m-K
-Thermal Performance has a very good relationship with pressured applications(see attached datasheet)
-Hardness of Shore 85A

In addition, Sil-Pad 400, comes in  thicknesses of 0.007’’ and 0.009’’. It has a wide temperature range & is flame retardant. The fiberglass reinforcement makes the pad extremely durable, but maintains a unique pliability. 


Oftentimes, NEDC die-cuts these pads into typical transistor shapes for packages. However, NEDC will die-cut or otherwise cut these into custom shapes for customers. For more information regarding Sil-Pad 400 aka SIL PAD TSP 900, please contact sales@nedc.com

SIL-PAD 400 (aka SIL PAD TSP 900) Datasheet

Henkel SIL-PAD 400 (aka SIL PAD TSP 900) Datasheet

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