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Gap Pad TGP 1500 aka GAP PAD 1500

At NEDC, Gap Pads/Thermal Pads are a core product. One uncommon type of material in the thermal pad world is an unreinforced pad. Normally, thermal pads are reinforced to aid with handling. It is unusual for a thermal pad to have enough continuity to be easy to handle at thicker configurations. If you have spent any time handling thermal pastes or pads, you know that these materials are literally considered, and are putty – as they can fall apart in your hands. Some thermal pads are so compliant that literally touching them, they will adhere to your hands. 


GAP PAD TGP 1500 is the only unreinforced Gap Pad that Henkels’ Bergquist currently offers. This unreinforced construction allows for additional compliancy that may be difficult to achieve with other competitive Gap Pads. GAP PAD TGP 1500 is a clean, easy to handle thermal pad. GAP PAD TGP 1500 has a good thermal impedance curve considering its lower thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/m-K. As I always mention to customers the following are just some of the criteria that come into play when discussing thermal performance:

-Thermal Conductivity


-Overall Compliance


-Natural Tack


In addition, this lack of reinforcement actually makes die-cutting easier in some situations- especially in thicker configurations. GAP PAD TGP 1500 comes in a thickness range from .020’’ to .160’’ thick. We know this, since NEDC die-cuts these materials as part of its thermal pad offering. NEDC die-cuts GAP PAD TGP 1500 into finished thermal pads. For more information on Gap Pad materials, or you believe you have an application that could utilize a Gap Pad material, please contact sales@nedc.com

Datasheet Download for GAP PAD TGP 1500

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