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gap pad filler hc3.0

gap pad filler hc3.0

Whenever a customer comes to me looking for a middle of the road option available in today’s world, that is: 

-Soft & Compliant

-Low Outgassing

-Available in many thickness options

-Economical yet good thermal properties

I will look towards Gap Pad HC3.0 aka GAP PAD TGP HC3000. This thermal gap filler offers a good mix of great performance at a good price.


Gap Pad HC3.0, that offers a unique product unrivaled by its counterparts.

One of the most important properties of thermal interface materials is thermal conductivity. Gap Pad HC3.0 offers a 3.0 W/m-K, making it a great comparison to other middle of the road Gap Pads available. This can make it difficult to offer a polymer that offers great temperature stability as well as the conformability required in thermal applications. Luckily, Gap Pad HC3.0 is a silicone-based gap filler material that is designed to deal with greater temperature ranges found in electronic applications. These applications may include, but are not limited to, heat sinks, consumer electronics, and telecommunications. This conformability is exemplified by the extremely low durometer rating of 15(00) and a Young’s Modulus of 110 kPa.The low modulus makes this material especially conformable to small imperfections in surfaces that still may exist after lapping substrates in applications such as a heatsink. Gap Pad HC3.0 is fiberglass reinforced to resist punctures, and tears that can occur in/during assembly. Flame resistance is extremely important for electronics. For that reason, Gap Pad HC3.0 is certified to UL94V0. 


Gap Pad HC5.0

Gap Pad 5000S35

Gap Pad 1500S30

Gap Pad 2500S20

Gap Pad 2000S40

Gap Pad 3000S30 – Gap Pad HC3.0 is extremely similar to this product line. (same W-m/K, same temperature range, same build-up(silicone/fiberglass), very close density, close dielectric constant(Gap Pad 3000S30 datasheet to compare).


Gap Pad HC3.0 is provided in a bright blue color. The material has a natural tack that is standard on both sides for ease during assembly. The natural tack typically eliminates the need for adhesives that can be thermally impeding. Lastly, this material is available in a number of thicknesses, ranging from .010” to .125” thick. NEDC can die-cut shapes of Gap Pad HC3.0  into custom sizes. For more information on Gap Pad HC3.0, please contact sales@nedc.com.

Datasheet Download for Gap Pad HC3.0 aka GAP PAD TGP HC3000

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