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electric vehicle charging

electric vehicle charging

In February, I just took possession of an electric vehicle. It got me thinking, electric vehicles use a lot of thermal interface material, don’t they? Batteries are the life, and blood of electric vehicles. They control the entire car; air conditioning, heating, heated seats, music, and actually moving the car. Most of todays electric cars are composed of battery modules, which are hundreds of batteries packaged together to produce a lot of energy. For that reason, the battery’s integrity is the most important thing about electric vehicles. 


In order to maintain that integrity, getting rid of the heat is a primary goal. This is where TIMs(thermal interface materials) come in. Common thermal management products used in electric vehicles include thermal gap filler pads, and thermally conductive liquids. Thermally conductive pads are used in battery modules. Thermal pads can also be compliant; this helps when rattling, and noise is present in automobiles. When charging, and when the car is being propelled forward by the battery, keeping the battery temperature in an acceptable range is important. The battery can grow too hot if the temperature is not managed properly. Thermal runaway, and extreme conditions can be of particular concern for the battery.


-Absorbs vibrations, and rattling typical in automobiles.

-Helps rid the application of heat to help maintain safe temperatures.

-Most are electrically insulating/isolating.

-Easy to handle during application. 


NEDC die-cuts or otherwise converts TIMs into custom sized/shapes of thermal pads. For more information on thermal interface pads, or you have an application you feel could utilize one, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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