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thermabond adhesive

thermabond adhesive

At NEDC, we cut a lot of adhesive preform products into finished cut parts. One of the more common adhesive products that NEDC cuts is Thermabond® Silicone Electronic Adhesive products by Rogers Corporation. 


A common demand for adhesive preforms is that they be thermally conductive in order to eliminate hotspots in the package. These products vary their thermal conductivity from 0.4 W/m-K to 3.0 W/m-K. They have a tight thickness control through the calender manufacturing process. It reliably bonds to a number of substrates including both inorganic, and organic. Thermabond is both low modulus and has high shear strength, which prevents adhesive delamination. This is important because allowing independent movement during thermal cycling is critical to prevent PCB stress build-up. The adhesive thermal interface material needs to shrink/expand with the assembly to prevent deformation due to stress.

The ability for the material to be cut into different shapes and sizes allows for it to be matched to different PCB sizes, and shapes. These adhesive preforms have low cure temperatures ranging from 100°C to 150°C. 


Thermabond A9- 3.0 W/m-K

Thermabond A5- 1.4 W/m-K

Thermabond A3- 1.0 W/m-K

Supported Thermabond- 0.4 W/m-K

Primless E35 Thermabond- 2.5 W/m-K

Low Outgassing Thermabond- 1.5 W/m-K

Primerless Thermabond-0.4 W/m-K

Original Thermabond- 0.4 W/m-K

While there are a number of Thermabond products available, NEDC deals with the “Original Thermabond” 99510N008 at varying thicknesses. This product is insulative, while maintaining a 0.4 W/m-K. It is electrically insulating, and is not reinforced. It is made up of an FEP liner, uncured silicone rubber, along with a .003” interleave PTFE. It comes in an elegant light gray color.


We oftentimes will use either laser-cutting or die-cutting to process Thermabond material into finished adhesive preform shapes.

For more information regarding Rogers’ Thermabond® Adhesive products, please contact sales@nedc.com


Thermabond® Adhesive Brochure

Thermabond 99510N008 Datasheet

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